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Products and paper
grades for corrugated

Produkte und Papiersorten für Wellpappe

General information about Klingele's paper grades for corrugated cardboard

Klingele stands for high-quality corrugated base paper with optimum running properties produced in an environmentally friendly process on the corrugated cardboard system. We have been producing corrugated cardboard from 100% waste paper at the Weener site since 1958 and also at Blue Paper SAS at the Strasbourg site since 2014.

Our corrugated base paper is the basis for the production of a wide variety of packaging and products made from corrugated cardboard. 

We offer you high-quality paper products and an excellent service.

Papierfabrik in Weener

Optimum running properties and printability of our paper grades

All our paper meets the highest quality standards of our customers at home and abroad with optimum surfaces and the best technical running properties. All paper grades are therefore characterised by a very good cross and longitudinal moisture and surface weight profile.

In addition, our paper is virtually free of deposits, ensuring that the frequency of breaks and waste on the corrugated cardboard system is kept to a minimum. The performance of the corrugated cardboard system can be fully extended.

Herstellung von Papier für Wellpappe
Wellpappenrohpapier auf der Rolle

Our paper grades for corrugated cardboard

With surface weights ranging from 120 to 180 g/m2, we have specialised in the production of medium-duty corrugated base paper at Klingele Weener. The corrugating medium and the testliner 2 and 3 lining paper are our main products.

Testliner 2 & 3

Our testliner is characterised by excellent printability and strength, even in changing climatic conditions. Typical applications include packaging for food, drinks and consumer goods.

Download Testliner 2 data sheet!

Download Testliner 3 data sheet!

Spindel für Laufrollen
Wellpappenrohpapiere mit besten Laufeigenschaften
Spindel für Laufrollen
Wellpappenrohpapiere mit besten Laufeigenschaften

Super Cobb

Our Super Cobb is a moisture-resistant paper for the toughest demands. It is ideal for fruit and vegetable packaging as well as packaging passing through a cold storage warehouse and therefore needing to cope with major temperature fluctuations and condensation.

Download Super Cobb data sheet!


Our corrugating medium performs very well and offers perfect running properties in the further processing stage in addition to high strength. This increases the efficiency and productivity of our customers’ machinery.

Download Fluting data sheet!

Spindel für Laufrollen
Wellpappenrohpapiere mit besten Laufeigenschaften
Spindel für Laufrollen
Wellpappenrohpapiere mit besten Laufeigenschaften


Our Flexliner is a dual purpose paper which can be used flexibly as a medium liner or/and as testliner. With this, the specific values of the CMT (concora medium test) of a medium liner and the SCT (short span compression test) of the testliner are guaranteed. Our customers can therefore save on the paper type needed as well as saving allocated space in the paper warehouse. 

Download Flexliner data sheet!