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Getränkeverpackungen für optimalen Schutz

The perfect packaging for your beverages

The most important requirement for beverage packaging is the protection of bottles and beverage containers. The packaging must satisfy high communicative demands in addition to the logistics requirements and the running properties on your machines. Given the diversity of the range, it is crucial that the beverage packaging captures the customers’ attention. We develop beverage packaging for cans, bottles and disposable beverage packaging that is stable, easy to handle and showcases your product at its best. We work with you to devise the requirements profile and develop efficient and tailor-made packaging solutions.


Important requirements for
beverage packaging

Shipping packaging

Packaging solutions specially tailored to your requirements are available for manufacturers of beverages, such as wine, beer and spirits. The cardboard packaging must be exceptionally stable and protect the bottles from breaking. It is important that it is certified bottle packaging made from sturdy corrugated cardboard with approval from the postal services or UPS certification.

Optimum protection

Good packaging helps to protect, store and transport food. Beverages are heavy and require special protection depending on the beverage container material.

Mechanical processing

Packaging machines save packaging. When processing large quantities, the automation saves not only time but also material because the machines work very efficiently and help to save as much material as possible and reduce waste. 

Process knowledge

Beverage packaging passes through many process steps from the manufacturer and distributor to the consumer. The most diverse packaging requirements must be met here, from the manual or mechanical erection and packing of products, the picking of units, the distribution on pallets, the stocking in the retail sector and the purchasing by customers.

Beverage packaging from Klingele

Wrap-around packaging

Our wrap-around packaging is developed for automated packaging lines and encloses the goods firmly and securely inside the packaging. The wrap-around packaging is an efficient and cost-effective packaging solution that provides even better goods protection against damage during transport. In combination with perforations or tear-open strips, the packaging can be easily converted from transport packaging into sales packaging directly at the point of sale. 


Folding boxes

Folding boxes from Klingele offer outstanding protection for beverages during transport thanks to state-of-the-art production technology. The precise folding and gluing ensure a smooth flow through your packaging machines. In addition to the functionality, the packaging can be printed with up to six colours and can present your product and brand at their best.



We rely on flatbed or rotary die-cut displays for the attention-grabbing presentation of your products. We design individual floor displays in the usual sizes of a quarter, half or Euro pallet. Displays made from corrugated cardboard make efficient use of material and can be disposed of free of charge and in an environmentally friendly way after they are used.  


Shipping packaging

Our shipping packaging for beverages ensures that your goods are undamaged when they reach the recipient. Product protection, handling, packaging size and the customer's positive unpacking experience determine the packaging design.


Gift packaging

We offer you gift boxes that you can use to present or also send a good bottle of wine, spirits or other fragile gifts in high-quality manner.


Special solutions

Changes in the market or specific customer requests often call for special solutions. We also offer you impressive solutions even for unusual requirements thanks to our long-standing expertise and creativity with regard to corrugated cardboard packaging.