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Corporate policy

Basic principles of our corporate policy

For decades, Klingele Paper & Packaging Group has been manufacturing corrugated board base paper as well as corrugated board products to the satisfaction of our customers. As an independent family owned company, our business is characterised by close and trusting relations with our business partners and employees.

We are keenly aware of our obligation to meet the high standards of our management systems (quality, hygiene, the environment, FSC®, occupational safety, energy) and of the BSCI code of conduct and are fully committed to the principles of economic efficiency and reliability. These topics are defined as corporate goals and taken into account in the decision-making processes at our company. Consequently, we also insist that our suppliers respect and observe these principles, and we support their efforts to achieve these mutual goals. As part of our corporate duty to exercise due care and prudence, we have defined the following corporate policy guidelines in this regard:

  • We regard the high quality and safety of our products and services as one of the key corporate goals. Customer requirements are vital in this respect. 
  • We, that is to say every employee at the company, play a part in attaining our corporate goals. Our corporate executives act as role models, supporting all measures that motivate our employees to pursue continuous improvements with respect to quality, hygiene, occupational safety, environmental protection and energy efficiency. The motivation, qualifications and satisfaction of our employees are key factors in attaining these goals. At the same time, we ensure that all the information and resources required are made available.
  • We use our continuously improved information technology to guarantee efficient processes and reliable documentation.
  • We shape our processes in such a way – wherever economically viable – that not only minimizes their consumption of raw materials and energy but also their generation of pollutant emissions. We establish and monitor the financial and structural conditions required to achieve this. We deliberately select products and services that improve our performance in relation to energy consumption. With regard to sustainability, the raw materials that we use are either renewable or recyclable and we promote.
  • We are committed to continuously improving our management policies as well as our energy efficiency and our energy-related performance.
  • We design our operational processes such that tidiness and cleanliness are guaranteed.
  • We insist that our suppliers support us in meeting our quality, environmental, hygiene and energy targets.

We comply with all relevant legislation, directives and standards as well as our self obligations and where relevant, we consider the requirements of affected parties, particularly in the fields of quality assurance, hygiene and product protection, environmental protection and energy use as well as the BSCI code of conduct. In this respect, we maintain close and open working relationships with authorities, associations, institutes and the general public.

The regular appraisal of our management systems on the basis of audits and updates to the goals and a process of industry-wide benchmarking are fundamental to our market-oriented approach.

The management of Klingele Paper & Packaging Group hereby declares this corporate policy binding for the company’s paper factory, and for the corrugated board and sheet plants in Germany.

Download our corporate philosophy as PDF file.