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ECOGRIP - Be inspired by our range of adaptable and biodegradable solutions!

ECOGRIP – The 100% recyclable alternative to plastic shrink wrap

Sustainable packaging is an important issue for our planet, especially when it comes to single-use plastics that are not biodegradable. Shrink wrap is a growing concern, and a new packaging concept called ECOGRIP has been developed by the combined expertise of Blue Box Partners, Klingele Paper and Packaging Group’s Pan-European alliance. 

Sustainable packaging – a major concern 

During the purchasing process, research has shown retailers and consumers are demanding more sustainable packaging solutions. Moreover, the EU’s single-use plastic (SUP) Directive, which came into force on 3rd July 2019, aims to reduce the impact of certain plastic products on the environment. As a result large brands and manufacturers are now re-evaluating their packaging strategies and seeking out sustainable alternatives.  

ECOGRIP is the result of extensive development and structural research. The concept eliminates the need for single-use plastic ‘shrink wrap’ when carrying multiple bottles. It provides a 100% biodegradable packaging that can be adapted to fit any type of bottle on the market.

Our ECOGRIP solutions

Cover (0,5l)

Material: Testliners brown
Fluting type: E
Surface: 0.071 sqm
Weight per sqm: 402 g./sqm
Total weight (g.) concept: 28 g

Flat (0,5l)

Material: Testliners brown
Fluting type: E
Surface: 0.027 sqm
Weight per sqm: 402 g./sqm
Total weight (g.) concept: 11 g
  • ECOGRIP Cover
  • ECOGRIP Flat

Finding an alternative to single-use plastic

As consumers, regulators and retailers are all demanding an end to single-use plastic this is pushing for sustainable packaging alternatives:

ECOGRIP - Endverbraucher vordern recyclebare, nachhaltige Verpackungen

End-consumer and brand owners

People want to get engaged and contribute to the change by choosing biodegradable packaging

(Source: Open Innovation Manager - FMCG)

ECOGRIP – Gesetzgeber fordert Einsatz von umweltfreundlichen Verpackungen


From 1st January 2021, there will be a new ‘Plastic Tax’ of EUR 0.80 per kilogram of non-recycled plastic packaging waste

(Source: Special meeting of the European Council)

Einzelhändler fordern nachhaltige Verpackungslösungen


Retailers are starting to reject articles with single-use plastic packaging from their stores

(Source: Packaging Engineer – FMCG)

While industry continues to improve recycling rates for plastic bottles and containers, most secondary packaging such as shrink-wrap falls into the category of single-use plastic. Shrink wrap plays a significant role in the packaging industry because it is efficient to produce, lightweight and convenient. However it has a catastrophic effect on the environment when it is not recycled. Each year, hundreds of millions of tons of SUP are produced and end up in our oceans and landfill. Governments, environmental groups and consumers are demanding solutions around sustainable biodegradable packaging.

Of course, the impact on the supply chain of any alternative to shrink wrap needs to be adaptable. Any concept needs to be easy to transport, easy to handle and easy to store. With so many different sizes and shapes of bottles on the market, any paper-based solution has to be simple and scalable to meet demand.

Sustainable Packaging - ECOGRIP - Key Features

Klingele Paper and Packaging Group, as one of the four members of Blue Box Partners (together with Hinojosa, VPK and Cart-One) carried out extensive customer-focused workshops and in-situ trials and testing to ensure performance. The development team harnessed knowledge and experience from all four partners to produce a biodegradable packaging solution that meets the needs of brands all over Europe. 

Practical and flexible, ECOGRIP accommodates any amount, style of bottle or cap. ECOGRIP will be compatible. Our core message to customers is around adaptability, ease-of use and biodegradability.

Rendering von ECOGRIP "Flat"
ECOGRIP - Merkmal - Anpassbares Konzept für jede Flasche

Fully adaptable concept designed to fit any bottle neck or cap regardless of diameter

ECOGRIP - Vorteile - Vielfältige Lösungen

Solutions available for single-use plastic packs of 4, 6 or 8 bottles between 0.33 and 1.5 litres

ECOGRIP - Vorteile - Manuelle als auch maschinelle Verarbeitung

Both manual or mechanized possibilities to ensure automation and bar-code hiding (thanks to our partnership with of one of the biggest machine builders

ECOGRIP - Vorteile - Ergonomisches Design

Ergonomic design making it easy to handle

ECOGRIP - Merkmale - Jedes Druckverfahren möglich

Customizable with any kind of printing technology

ECOGRIP - Vorteile - Registriert unter i-DEPOT

Registered under a European i-DEPOT

Single-use plastic alternative:

ECOGRIP - Benefits

ECOGRIP - Vorteile - Attraktives und innovatives Design

Sales incentive through attractive and innovative design

ECOGRIP - Vorteile - Griffig, stapelbar und leicht zu zerlegen

Easy to grip, easy to store, easy to unclip individual bottles and easy to dismantle

ECOGRIP - Vorteile - 100 % recycelt und 100 % recyclebar

100% recycled and recyclable

ECOGRIP - Vorteile - Biologisch abbaubar

Biodegradable packaging

ECOGRIP - Vorteile - Team von europäischen Experten

Experienced team of European experts happy to work alongside customers to provide extra support

Sustainable packaging - Short term fix, long term solution

With ECOGRIP, Klingele Paper and Packaging Group is looking to further build on its long-term relationships with customers, brands and manufacturers. Our mission is to eliminate every gram of single-use plastic from future supply chains. ECOGRIP is truly a biodegradable packaging technology for today's challenges: a robust, simple, sustainable product ready for application at speed and scale.


We want a world where retailers and consumers can be confident that the purchases they make are packaged responsibly, not just today, but also in the long-term.

ECOGRIP – Das engagiertes Expertenteam der Blue Box Partners

The dedicated expert team leader:





ECOGRIP - Klingele entwickelt gemeinsam mit VPK, Hinojosa, Cart-One und dem Board of Innovation

Creating real customer value

BBP is a Pan-European alliance completely focussed on offering its expertise and collective intelligence. Together with  VPK, Hinojosa, Cart-One and Board of Innovation, delivers local solutions to global problems. Our experience in different countries across Europe makes us perfectly placed to give customers broader perspectives. We work with brands to develop packaging solutions that not only solve their current issues around single-use plastic – but also provide environmentally-friendly, sustainable packaging solutions for the long term.