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However large or small our packaging may be, it always contains just the right amount of good advice.

Development work

A network of qualified customer consultants and packaging designers on site at our box plants provides the ideal conditions for development work. They are supported by a central development department with its own laboratory and the latest software.

For example, we work with interactive 3D visualisation of packaging right from the start of the development cycle. Our 3D workflow guarantees the correct placement of printed elements and simplifies print approval processes, which saves time and money.

The considerations involved in the development process can be many and varied: creativity, economic use of materials, handling properties, advertising impact, protective function, retail store practicability or stackability of the packaging. It goes without saying, of course, that your individual wishes and requirements are our prime considerations. With a central database at their disposal, our experts can always access our most recent innovative packaging developments. The experience and expert knowledge of the Klingele Group is networked here and is available at all times.

Packaging optimisation

Every element of a packaging solution is geared closely to the specific purpose for which the packaging is intended. This could be, for instance, taking into account specific environmental conditions, selecting the right type of corrugated board for the purpose, and individual shipping requirements. We even give thought to optimum stackability on the pallet.

Packaging processes

Even when we deliver the finished packaging, our range of services isn’t at an end.
We also ensure that your new packaging meshes smoothly with your packaging system. That means taking the entire packaging process into account, starting with packing at your end and ending with unpacking by your customer. And if the goods have to be repacked en route, you can be sure we’ve thought of that, too.

High-quality printing and surface treatment

Attractive packaging is part of successful marketing and can be based, for example, on the use of specific printing techniques or surface treatment, such as embossing or lacquering. Whether it’s flexoprinting straight onto the board, pre-prints on paper or offset laminations – this is where our printing experts’ knowledge really comes into its own.