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Packaging for
dairy products

Verpackungen für Molkereiprodukte

The perfect packaging for your dairy products

Whether for the transport of cheese, milk and butter or the sale of yoghurt in pots, we develop suitable packaging solutions for the requirements of your branch: from machine-compatible processing on your packing line through optimal transport protection, all the way to shelf-friendly packaging and ideal visibility in stores. We also offer a wide range of tried-and-tested standard packaging made of  corrugated cardboard. 


Important requirements for
dairy product packaging

Optimum protection

Dairy products require special protection. Packaging needs to be able to withstand both very cold temperatures and moisture. We have developed particularly reliable packaging solutions in order to ensure everything remains intact during transport and storage. Especially when multiple packaging units are stacked one on top of the other or the natural moisture or condensation puts the packaging to the test.  

Hygiene standards

Hygiene standards are particularly important when it comes to milk products. Our plants are certified in accordance with the BRCGS/IOP food standard. 

Shelf-ready packaging

Shelf-ready solutions transport your milk products securely and ensure quick and eye-catching positioning in retail stores. The packaging is easy to open and stock on refrigerated shelves. Your products are clearly visible with attention-grabbing presentation and are easy to remove.

Process knowledge

We are closely familiar with the requirements of packaging machines and work together with you to select suitable materials and optimise the efficiency of your processes. We produce trays, punnets and cartons for your milk products to suit the requirements of your process chain or retail standards. The packaging units are generally delivered flat in order to save on storage and transport costs. If required, we would also be happy to advise you on the conversion or expansion of your assembly and packaging machines.

Packaging for dairy products by Klingele

Trays and punnets / shelf-ready packaging

Shelf-ready packaging is ideal for manufacturers and retailers as a complete solution for transport and sales. We develop mechanically or manually erected trays and punnets for a wide variety of products, such as pots, based on your individual needs. In addition to the basic requirements for good transport packaging, such as item protection and good stackability, trays are particularly suitable for communication purposes. They showcase the product and brand at its best thanks to their excellent printability. As shelf-ready packaging, the transport packaging also fulfils key requirements of the dairy sector as a sales aid on the retail shelf. 


Wrap-around packaging

Wrap-around packaging was developed for automated packaging lines and encloses the goods firmly and securely inside the packaging. The wrap-around packaging is an efficient and cost-effective packaging solution that provides even better goods protection against damage during transport. In combination with perforations or tear-open strips, the packaging can be easily converted from transport packaging into sales packaging directly at the point of sale. 


Transport packaging

Folding boxes from Klingele offer outstanding protection for dairy products during transport. The precise folding and gluing ensure a smooth flow through your packaging machines.