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shipping packaging
for spirits

Sturdy shipping packaging for spirits by Klingele

Always the right packaging solution for shipping spirits by post

Many places sell spirits like gin, whisky or rum. Our speciality is in making the perfect, safe and attractive packaging to send them in. This requires a lot of know-know that we have acquired with many years of experience in the shipping packaging sector.

Spirits are sensitive and valuable goods. They must be protected against mechanical influences, the loss of aromas and damage to the visual appearance during transport by a carrier or shipment by post. The valuable bottle is optimally protected by the right shipping packaging. The quality and design provides excitement and appreciation of the product as well as a positive brand experience.

The shipping packaging must be chosen so that the safe shipping and the unpacking experience are in perfect balance. The feel and unboxing of the packaging promotes the quality and value of the product, especially with valuable spirits like gin, whisky or rum etc.


Important requirements for shipping packaging for spirits

Optimum protection

We have developed particularly reliable packaging solutions for spirits so that everything remains intact during transport by a carrier or shipment by post or during storage of the products. Shipping packaging is available for manufacturers shipping spirits that is specifically tailored to their requirements. The cardboard packaging must be exceptionally sturdy and protect the bottles from breaking.


Consumers demand that packaging material is used as efficiently as possible and is made of sustainable materials, even for spirits. Corrugated cardboard can score well here in comparison with plastic shipping packaging and plastic waste can be avoided. As a circular product, corrugated cardboard impresses with its resource efficiency and recyclability. We develop innovative and material-efficient packaging for spirits that we can produce for you.

Barrel storage with spirits for shipping

Materials for specific requirements

Most high-quality spirits are filled into glass bottles. This places special demands on the bottle packaging. The bottle packaging must be adapted accordingly depending on the way in which it will be shipped. Higher demands are placed on bottle packaging for shipment by post in terms of breaking strength than on packaging used for pallet shipments.

Production knowledge

We are familiar with the requirements of shipping packaging for spirits and will work with you on the selection of a suitable material and on the efficiency of your processes. The packaging is normally delivered flat-packed to save on storage requirements and transport costs. If necessary, we will also be happy to advise you on the implementation of special gift, bundle and shipping packaging for spirits like gin, whisky, rum etc.

Shipping and gift packaging for spirits

Shipping packaging

Our bottle packaging for spirits ensures that your goods reach the recipient undamaged. The product protection, handling, packaging size and positive unboxing by the customer determine the packaging design


[Translate to englisch:] Versandkarton für eine Flasche

Gift packaging

We have the appropriate sturdy gift packaging for spirits - gift boxes and carrying cases with a practical carry handle with which you can present and hand over a good bottle of gin, whisky, rum etc. Our gift packaging is also suitable for shipping with an additional outer packaging. 


Special solutions

Market changes or specific customer requests often require special solutions. We also offer impressive solutions for unusual requirements with our many years of know-how and our creativity related to shipping packaging for spirits. These special solutions need outer packaging to make them suitable for shipping.    


Die Kühlbox ist die ideale Transportbox für Kaltgetränke