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Klingele climate
protection projects

Klimaschutzprojekte sparen CO2-Emissionen ein

Climate protection projects

Climate protection projects save CO2 emissions. These can take the form of a wind park in India, which improves the energy supply in the region without using fossil fuels such as coal and diesel. This CO2 saving can be traded in the form of emission reduction certificates. The emissions trading mechanism helps support sustainable development and prevention of CO2 emissions around the world at a low cost. This system involves a wide range of climate protection projects, such as hydroelectric power stations, biomass plants, wind parks, reforestation and forest protection projects.

Our customers can choose from three climate protection projects

  • Cooking stoves in Bamako, Mali
  • Forest protection in Oberallgäu, Germany
  • Water Treatment, Cambodia

Cooking stoves in Bamako, Mali

  • Decline in deforestation through provision of efficient cooking stoves
  • Reduction in respiratory and eye conditions, creation of jobs in the region
  • Saving of 72,000 tons of CO2 p.a.> Gold Standard VER certified (TÜV Nord)
Unser Klimaschutzprojekt in Bamako, Mali
Bamako, Mali

Forest protection in Oberallgäu, Germany

  • Care and maintenance of tree groves
  • Professional creation of pathways
  • Protection of trees from damage caused by deer
  • Suitable biotope design for the conservation of endangered species
Klimaschutzprojekt Oberallgäu