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Die WellBag im Wald. Die faltbare Einkaufstasche ist eine biologisch abbaubare Alternative zur Plastiktüte
Das Umweltsymbol kennzeichnet umweltfreundliche Verpackungen

A better life without plastic? With Klingele's innovative shopping bag made of corrugated cardboard!

A better life without plastic in the supermarket, when shopping and at home

A better life without plastic – a nice dream, you might be thinking. Or are we already more advanced than you think? Packaging-free shops are currently experiencing a real hype, many avoid waste as best they can and plastic bags have long since been “out”. It is now evident that our plastic consumption has significant effects on the environment. The practical use of plastic in countless areas of life is obvious of course, but given our global waste problem, every one of us is requested to reduce their own personal consumption of plastic.

In 2015, the EU resolved to reduce plastic bags in all member states. Customers now have to pay extra for plastic bags in shops or they are not been offered at all. But we still need to carry our purchases such as clothes, shoes or our weekly shopping safely and comfortably. The question as to how consumers should stow away their purchases in the future requires creativity and innovative thinking. Anyone wanting to reduce plastic and who happens to think of this while still at home, will take a cloth bag, shopping basket or used plastic bags with them. But there are also innovative industry solutions: as a manufacturer of corrugated cardboard packaging, Klingele instructed its packaging designers to develop an intelligent and simple solution made of corrugated cardboard. This resulted in a smart and attractive shopping bag: the new shopping bag is called a WellBag and is a foldable shopping bag made of corrugated cardboard. It is a ecological and a versatile alternative to a plastic bag that makes its contribution on the path to a life without plastic.

The foldable shopping bag can be assembled in no time at all and can be folded flat and tidied away to save space after use.
Foldable shopping bag made of corrugated cardboard
Anyone seeking a life without plastic loves good ideas for everyday life.
A better life without plastic – better shopping without plastic

WellBag – the foldable shopping bag made of corrugated cardboard

Innovative solutions for a life without plastic

A life without plastic – for many people, this has become their personal contribution to climate and environmental protection – and this already begins with little things. However, reducing plastic when shopping does not mean stowing away your expensive new clothes in inconspicuous bags or cumbersome baskets – customers want to show what they have bought or where they have purchased it and are proud that they were able to buy it. It is trendy and fun to shop with the WellBag because the attractive and foldable shopping bag made of corrugated cardboard is an ideal advertising medium with its sturdy and high-quality printable areas on both sides and is guaranteed to turn heads. The foldable shopping bag is not only an environmentally friendly alternative to a plastic shopping bag, but also an fashionable companion in everyday life at home. This means that everyone can easily reduce plastic and make their contribution with minimal effort to environmental protection.

Whether for mini shopping bags in a perfume store or for accessories to extra large versions for fashion and clothing stores: the ”WellBag” is an eye-catcher anywhere and, at the same time, demonstrates that the consignor is a company with a focus on sustainability.

Die WellBag in unterschiedlichen Designs

A reusable shopping bag making a contribution to a life without plastic

Reducing plastic requires well thought-out solutions

In addition to its attractive appearance, the “WellBag” is not only a plus for the environment, but also brilliant in everyday life: it consists of just one piece and does not need any cords, fasteners or similar reinforcements. It is also FSC®-certified and produced in a climate-neutral manner. Thanks to its attractive design, it also looks great when used as a storage bag at home. Another advantage: it is reusable thanks to its high stability and can be folded flat and tidied away to save space after use. An important feature for the retail trade: the foldable shopping bag sits securely in a shopping trolley; it is also extremely easy to assemble and can be stacked flat in entrance or cash desk areas.

Qualität von Klingele

A contribution to a life without plastic

  • 100% corrugated cardboard instead of plastic FSC®-certified and climate-neutral
  • Available in three different sizes for a variety of different retail outlets
  • Single-material solution without fasteners, cords or reinforcements
  • Reusable as a foldable shopping bag
  • Also versatile to use as a storage bag