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Certified shipping packaging for bottles with DHL approval

Our enhanced corrugated cardboard bottle packaging in a new design – with even more protection for your bottles during transport. You can choose from two different unbreakable bottle cases:

  • Bottle packaging variant A for 0.2 l - 0.335 l bottles
  • Bottle packaging variant B for 0.33 l - 0.5 l bottles

The packaging system (upright case) is approved for shipping 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 and 24 bottles.

Looking for innovative packaging?

Get in touch with our Sales Manager Heiko Eichhorn.

The advantage of the bottle shipping cases at a glance

  • No tool costs
  • Low production costs
  • Optimised design
  • Fast handling because of the easy assembly of the cases
  • Sleeves with practical carry handle (2 sleeves with 6 bottles can be used like a carrier)
  • Integrated base in the sleeve system
  • The bottles remain undamaged as they are compactly enclosed by the sleeve
  • No other filling material required

More packaging solutions for beverages

Fast packaging because its easy to assemble

The sleeve, which completely encloses the bottles in the packaging, is designed to be put together in no time at all. The system for the shipping case is designed for rapid filling.

Accredited according to ISO 9001

Shipping cases for a single bottle

Our single-bottle packaging system is available in four sizes: 0.33 l bottles up to 2 l bottles. It can also ideally be used for sending champagne bottles or spirit bottles in addition to using it for beer packaging.

Carry case for bottles

Our carry case for bottles is suitable for 0.33 l bottles and also 0.5 l bottles. The 6 bottle case is ideal for gifts or events.

The set is delivered as standard with an outer carton for shipping purposes. But you can of course just receive the carry case – with your own motif on request as well.

Wine shipping packaging

We guarantee the unbreakable shipping of your best wines with our Systema Cargo 2 wine packaging. The wine cases for the shipment of wine bottles have a similar design to the sleeve system for the cases to deliver beer. They can also be used for 0.75 l beer bottles and are available in different sizes.

Systema Cargo 2 is available for 1 to 18 bottles