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Wraparound packaging
with a system

Wraparound packaging for chaotic product picking

  • You pack products from small and large batches or have chaotically changing products?
  • You want to reduce the number of packaging variants?
  • You want to speed up your packaging process?

We can offer you a complete solution for packing your products in a chaotic sequence with a machine and a consistently high level of quality.

The film wrapping machine provides padded protective packaging that secures your products. It wraps the goods to be packed with a transparent, durable film together with a corrugated cardboard blank. Different products can therefore be permanently secured regardless of their weight and shape. The system packaging makes extremely efficient use of materials at the same time because voids no longer need to be filled.

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The advantages of wraparound packaging at a glance

  • Chaotic product picking is possible
  • No additional filling material is required
  • Automated packaging process
  • Reduction in the variety of packaging
  • Reduction in material usage and costs
  • Savings on transport costs
  • Reduced number of breakages because of the perfect product protection
  • Maximum flexibility and easy handling
  • Savings on storage and packaging costs with just-in-time production
  • Materials are completely recyclable (film used < 5% of the total packaging. The packaging can therefore be completely disposed of as waste paper)




Individual corrugated cardboard blank for optimum product protection


The goods to be packed are positioned and wrapped fully automatically with film


The sides of the blank are raised


The secured product is placed in the outer carton and sealed

Wrapping with a system – from a semi-automatic machine to a high-end system

Our machine system can be individually adapted to your requirements. For example, we can adapt the wrap ring diameter (from 400 mm to 1200 mm) or the tray guide to the requirements of the goods you need to pack.

The system has an automatic film holder and cutter, freely programmable Siemens control (PLC), film tension control, separate brake roller and a touch panel for easy operation.

The modular design of the technology enables it to be used in a stand-alone operation and also be integrated into a packing line. The configuration of the system allows it to be expanded for a fully automated process.

  • No investment in the machine
  • Extremely low-maintenance machines
  • Variable ring diameter for every requirement
  • Development, machine, corrugated cardboard, film – everything from a single source