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Paper production


Our corrugated board base papers are made from 100% waste paper, a fact confirmed by the internationally recognised FSC® Recycling seal of approval (FSC-C043075). Three processing stages are required to turn waste paper into the finished product: corrugated board base paper.

Pulp preparation

The waste paper is dissolved in water as it runs through the slushing/screening line, and unwanted residue such as plastic, polystyrene, wood, glass or metal are filtered out. The result is highly diluted fibre slurry containing up to 99% water.

Wire section

In the wire section, the slurry passes through the wire mesh screen of the papermaking machine, where excess water is drained off. The resulting web, which is still extremely wet, passes along to the wet press section, where the water content is further reduced.

Drying section

The drying section consists of pre-dryer, film press and post-dryer.
The two drying sections comprise a total of 66 drying cylinders that can be heated to temperatures in excess of 150°C. These remove any remaining moisture from the web.

The drying process is enhanced by a world first – a BoostDryer, manufactured by Voith. The BoostDryer is a new kind of drying cylinder with a diameter of 2.7 m.

Herstellung von Wellpappenrohpapier