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The process for
your success:
Packaging 6.0

Vernetzter Verpackungsprozess

Networked packaging process 6.0
Understand · Invent · Improve · Drive · Grow · Protect

We think in terms of networks – far beyond the pure packaging process and develop comprehensive solutions for our customers. The packaging-related supply chain is characterised by six different aspects as we understand it. Besides innovation, these include the aspect of sustainability, efficient logistics and process optimisation. We create scope for growth and ensure our customers‘ competitiveness.

Anforderungen verstehen und Lösungen finden


We can look back on almost a century of experience in the paper and packaging sector.We have developed a model to support you at every point of the packaging process so that we can give you comprehensive advice.We take the time to listen to you, understand your requirements and translate these into solutions. We also pass on our knowledge to you. The Klingele Academy provides extensive know-how in the form of training courses, workshop and webinars.

Kunden zuzuhören und sie zu verstehen

A solid tradition – the basis for a bright future.

We have been committed to packaging solutions for nearly a century. Our strength is to listen to and understand our customers. We will continue to make our customers successful in the future through our participation in various associations, targeted investments and active innovation management.

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Klingele Akademie

We relish on sharing our expert knowledge with our customers.

We always give our customers a decisive advantage when it comes to knowledge with the great commitment, excellent know-how and bright minds in our Klingele Academy.

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Kundenzufriedenheit Klingele

The best customer service starts with an on-site analysis.

We support our customers at every point of the packaging process and fulfil their every wish using our holistic consulting model. This is confirmed not least by the excellent results of our customer satis­faction survey.

Neue Verpackungsideen und -konzepte erfinden


We are world class when it comes to inventing new packaging ideas and concepts. The WorldStar Award for our bottle shipping packaging is just one of many examples. We can also develop customised solutions for your requirements and distribution channels. We want to support you from the very outset – preferably at the same time as your product development. Thanks to our innovative technologies we can develop the optimum packaging based on your CAD data.

Verpackungskonzepte entwickeln

We develop packaging concepts for a wide range of different requirements and distribution channels.

We develop tailor-made packaging solutions together with our customers. We monitor trends and always have the demands and needs of tomorrow‘s consumers in mind.

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Laborleistungen - Verpackungen aus Wellpappe prüfen

All packaging is extensively tested as early as the development phase.

All packaging solutions must withstand demanding simulations on state-of-the-art test equipment in our Development Department. We ensure the availability of developments through our cross-site innovation network.

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Versandverpackung für Flaschen mit hervoragendem Produktschutz

All packaging stands out as a result of its excellent product protection.

A lot of transport packaging is badly damaged due to incorrect sizing – not in our company. A recent example is our bottle shipping packaging. It received the WorldStar Award, probably the most important packaging award in the world.

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Optimierung Verpackungsprozess


We know that it is often not easy to change existing situations. We are the right partner who will ask questions, show you solutions and support you with the implementation. We always look to save costs and make optimum use of resources in the process. No matter where the solution lies, whether it‘s changing the corrugated profile, the weight of the paper, the design of the packaging or the packing process in your logistics.

Fundierte Verpackungs- und Prozessanalysen

Detailed packaging and process analyses make significant cost reductions possible.

We create a comprehensive analysis of your current situation and assist you in implementing the jointly defined actions. We offer sensible and sustainable solutions at every point of the packaging process.

Einspaungspotential im Bereich Materialeinsatz

The savings potential is very high in the area of material consumption.

We reduce your material consumption and can achieve savings of up to 30 % by adapting the corrugated profile, using lightweight paper or changing the design.

Optimierte Einstoff-Lösungen wie ClickFix oder FastFix

Make savings on additional material and freight volume with optimised single material solutions.

Our automated packaging concepts and manual patented solutions, such as ClickFix or FastFix save up to 100 % on additional materials and 25 % on freight volume and therefore on valuable resources.


Effiziente und schnelle Logistik


We know the importance of fast and efficient logistics. We support you with various technical solutions in this area. We can significantly streamline your goods-in process in contrast to conventional technologies through the use of RFID transponders. We also use data loggers to check the real stresses on packaging on the way to its destination and therefore are able to make continuous improvements.

Paletten- und Sortenoptimierungsprogramm

Volumetric efficiency during transport operations can be significantly improved.

We can guarantee our customers the optimum packing solution for their products and logistics with our pallet and product optimisation programme.

Transportbelastung dokumentieren

We avoid damage by documenting the transport load.

Damage caused by improper shipping can be avoided. Before starting production we offer to document our customers‘ transport load on a pallet basis through the use of a data logger.

Vermeiden von Fehlverladung und Suchzeiten dank RFID

Incorrect loading, search times and manual entries in logistics are avoidable.

We guarantee our customers full traceability, a reduction in the error rate and a significant streamlining of the supply chain through the use and integration of RFID chips and RFID dates.

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Klingele in Europa vertreten


You can find us wherever you are – and we don‘t just mean that in geographical terms. We mirror your organisation and tailor our activities accordingly. We support you during your growth and adapt your requirements to the packaging process. Our production network covers all requirements. From mini-series to large production runs – both nationally and throughout Europe.

Wellpappenwerke und Papierfabriken europaweit

55 corrugated cardboard plants and 4 paper mills are available throughout Europe.

Our production network supports you from the start-up of the business through to you becoming an international company. Internationally, we offer you supply reliability throughout Europe through our Blue Box Partners Alliance.

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Individuelle Verpackungslösungen für Start-ups wie MyCouchbox

You benefit from tailor-made production options.

We can develop solutions of any size for every challenge quickly and flexibly thanks to flat hierarchies and short decision-making paths.

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Optimierung des gesamten Verpackungsprozesses

Your packaging process must be adapted to your growth.

Our comprehensive advice includes handling, machinery, technology and processes as well as our customers‘ entire supply chain. We think through the whole process – from beginning to end.

Klimaneutrale Verpackung aus Wellpappe


We all bear responsibility for people and the environment. That‘s why we continuously improve our internal processes that far exceed the statutory requirements and constantly strive to save energy and other resources.However, we want to go a step further with you. We now offer our climate-neutral packaging – to achieve our common environ­mental goals.

CO2-Emissionen reduzieren mit klimaneutralen Verpackungen

We take our responsibility seriously.

We are a partner who takes their responsibility seriously. Since 2000 we have been saving around 47,000 tons of CO2 a year through energy-efficient investments in the Klingele Group. At the same time, our production volume has increased by 78 % from 2000 to 2014.We will continue to reduce our CO2 emissions in the future.

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5-Fache Zertifizierungen in allen Werken!

The environmental policy is supported by external process audits and certifications.

As a leading packaging manufacturer, we have 5 certifications in all plants:
BRC/IoP, FSC®, ISO 9001, 14001 and 50001

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Klimaneutrale Verpackung mit Climate Partner

Together we can continue to improve your CO2 footprint.

With our help you can develop environmentally friendly packaging solutions. Unavoidable emissions can be offset in cooperation with ClimatePartner.

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