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Success Story


Packaging optimization

Machine Advice

Saving packaging material - through packaging optimization and machine-supported processes

The retailer Talea Naturkosmetik & Wellness stands for an extensive product portfolio with around 20,000 products. The online store is managed by Tantal, which is based in Leonberg. 40 employees work for the company and organize the worldwide delivery of the cosmetic and wellness products.

The large variety of products created many different packaging sizes, which took up a lot of storage space at Talea and caused a high cost factor due to the low purchase quantities.

Reduce packaging volume and automate logistics processes




  • Due to the variety of products, many different packaging sizes are in use.
  • This requires a lot of storage space and enormous organizational effort.
  • Different packaging variants had to be purchased in small quantities, which was very cost-intensive.
  • Currently, around 12,000 packages leave the plant every week. Due to the variety of products, this involves an enormous organizational effort in terms of the different packaging sizes.


  • Development of packaging that fits the company's quality standards and sustainability philosophy.
  • Reducing costs
Aufgabenstellung Analyse


The Klingele packaging experts analyzed the weaknesses of the existing packaging range and explored alternatives.

Analyse Lösung

Solution development

  • Contacting a machine supplier who can handle different filling heights. A laser measures the fill height and automatically reduces the volume of the packaging.
  • This makes it possible to reduce the variety of packaging to a minimum without oversizing the packaging or putting product protection at risk.
Lösung Umsetzung


Reduction of packaging volume thanks to a new machine from the French manufacturer B+ Equipment.

Umsetzung Erfolg


  • Packaging volume is reduced by 25 to 35 percent
  • Talea can purchase larger quantities of each of the two packaging options, which is significantly more cost-efficient
  • Process saves the retail company a lot of manual work
  • Returns are extremely low at 0.03 percent
  • High-quality packaging that matches the company's quality standards and sustainability philosophy
  • High customer satisfaction, lower waste
  • Automation of the logistics process through packaging optimisation  

The online store Talea Naturkosmetik & Wellness offers a diverse range of sustainable products for ecological everyday life.


>> Customer satisfaction is very important to Klingele - everything should fit. Klingele also helped very quickly and competently during the initial phase with the machine. Our partnership really works well and is very personal. <<

Harry Aldinger, Managing Director of Talea Natural Cosmetics & Wellness