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Success Story


Machine advice

Supply chain consulting

Clean – the Klingele combined concept

Klingele has been supplying Poliboy with shelf-ready packaging for the transport and sale of products in the retail sector for years. The corrugated boxes and lid packaging used ran automatically on two machines but each machine could only process one of the two types of packaging. This restricted flexibility and cycle times!

Flexibility and speed



  • Advice for a new machine that can process different types of packaging
  • Increase in flexibility
  • Increase in speed 
Aufgabenstellung Analyse


The Klingele packaging experts analysed the existing packaging and explored alternatives. The Klingele machine advisers made an inventory of the existing machines and facilities.

Analyse Lösung

Solution development

Packaging optimisation 

The tray-lid packaging was combined with wrap-around packaging instead of with a corrugated box . The blank is formed around the bottle and then glued. This automatically changed the packaging process – and paved the way for a new machine to handle this process. 

Machine advice

Selection of four suitable machine manufacturers that sought an optimum interaction between the packaging and machine.

  • Compact machine with a small footprint
  • Low retooling costs
  • Proximity of the manufacturer to the site
Lösung Umsetzung


Advice on the selection of the optimum machine and packaging combination as well as on the implementation.

Umsetzung Erfolg


  • Reduction of the burden on the customer during the search and selection process
  • Optimum packaging and machine combination
  • New machine concept ensures process reliability and plant availability.

Poliboy has been producing care and cleaning products for 85 years.


>> Klingele provided excellent support during this advisory process through to the final selection of the machine manufacturer that was made by us. The team of advisers at Klingele took a detailed look at our products and processes in order to find the right solution for us. However, a major benefit for us was in particular the close coordination between Klingele and the machine manufacturers that ultimately resulted in the optimum packaging and machine combination. We definitely would not have implemented this project so successfully ourselves because we benefitted greatly from the market knowledge of Klingele and especially Reinhold Löw. We relied on his expertise and recommendations and those of his colleagues – and it has paid off for us. <<

Dr. Pfeil, Head of Research & Development at Poliboy