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Success Story
Automotive parts trade
in E-commerce

Supply chain consulting


Packaging optimisation

Higher speed with less consumption

High cost at high throughput times: the products are delivered to different pick stations by the conveyor and are packed into a box by the employees. In the meantime, the box is filled and sealed at the top and bottom with adhesive tape. The box is then labelled, glued on by a machine, strapped and moved to the outgoing goods area.

Reduction in complexity



  • Reduction in the handling costs
  • Reduction in the variety of packaging
  • Increase in flexibility
  • Increase in throughput times
Aufgabenstellung Analyse


Our packaging experts analysed the existing packaging and explored alternatives. The Klingele machine advisers made an inventory of the existing machines and facilities.

Analyse Lösung

Solution development

Packaging optimisation

New packaging design with additional flutes on the slot-in base enable the box height to be adapted. 

Material optimisation 

Testing of the load requirements on the packaging and a reduction in the grade composition from BC-flute (with 7 mm) to EB-flute (4.5 mm) and from B-flute to D-flute.

Lösung Umsetzung


Advice on the selection of the optimum packaging and material combination as well as on the implementation.

Umsetzung Erfolg


  • Reduction from the current 23 to 10 box sizes
  • Savings on production costs for the packaging through larger batch sizes
  • Halving of the processing time through better folding accuracy
  • Increase in the packing speed through simplified handling of the packaging with slot-in bases
  • Savings on additional material, such as adhesive tape
  • Savings on logistics and freight costs through a reduction in the packaging types (volume reduction by 26% through the changeover to the D-flute)
  • Savings on logistics and freight costs through tailor-made packaging


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