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Success Story

Supply chain consulting

Cost-efficient packaging for baked goods - with consistent supply reliability

Lieken Brot und Backwaren GmbH [ engl.:bread and baked goods GMBH] is one of the leading German producer of baked goods. Lieken supplies German retail chains and bakeries with baked goods and products for the location in Garrel. The decisive fact for Lieken is cost-efficient packaging of consistently high quality. Furthermore, continuous supply reliability was a further key factor in the selection of Klingele as a packaging supplier.

Cost-efficient corrugated cardboard packaging



360° view of processes to identify potential for improvement along the customer's packaging-relevant value chain.

  • Logistics
  • Corrugated cardboard type
  • Printing technology
  • Production and design
Aufgabenstellung Analyse


A Klingele team, consisting of 8 people from various plants and specialized divisions, has taken a close look at the supply chain. Based on an article analysis and various store checks, the following areas were examined:

  • Logistics: Does the actual palletisation make sense?
  • Type of corrugated cardboard: Does a change of the corrugated board type bring any savings in logistics?
  • Printing technology: Can brand awareness be maintained by simplifying the print image?
  • Production and design: Can the reduction of printing colours reduce the complexity of both packaging production processes?
Analyse Lösung

Solution Development

  • Logistics: By optimising palletisation, Lieken is able to use the storage space more efficiently => Logistics costs are reduced noticeably.
  • Corrugated cardboard type: Due to the change to the "slimmer" D-flute, less storage space and freight capacity is required, which significantly reduces logistics costs.
  • Printing technology: The switch to the D-flute reduces the washboard effect and provides better printing results.
  • Production and design: The change to a brown interior ceiling and the reduction of the colour variety enables a simplification of the production process WITHOUT losing the appearance on the shelf.
Umsetzung Erfolg


By questioning the usual processes new perspectives are opened up and therefore approaches to optimization.

  • The productivity was increased
  • The costs were reduced
  • The production processes are leaner
  • The optical appearance is improved

Lieken AG is one of the leading German manufacturers of baked goods which belongs to the Czech Group Agrofert.


Verpackungsentwicklung bei Klingele

>> We were really impressed by this comprehensive and in-depth all-round analysis; our long and close cooperation with Klingele has paid off and been very beneficial for us. In addition, we have received practical suggestions for effective improvements on issues that were sometimes not even on our radar. Design, sustainability, advertising impact, logistics - our supply chain was really analysed from all perspectives, and I can't think of anyone who could have done it better than Klingele. <<

Doris Janssen, Group Manager Purchasing Packaging, Lieken Bread and Backing Products GmbH