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Packaging 6.0 – PROTECT

Natural both inside and out 

What does a natural concentrate for health-conscious Europeans have to do with the Amazon rainforest? The clue is in the term "natural" …

We launched our climate-neutral packaging initiative at the FachPack 2015 trade fair. Customers who want to offset their CO2 emissions resulting from packaging production can do so by supporting certified climate protection projects. Together with our partner ClimatePartner, an internationally renowned provider of solutions and consultation for climate protection, we calculate the CO2 emissions that are generated along the entire process chain. The customer then supports a project from the ClimatePartner portfolio with the respective financial equivalent of the CO2 emissions.

A good match for the company philosophy

With the climate-neutral packaging, LaVita is taking the next step in its sustainability strategy. To offset the CO2 emissions from its packaging, the company is supporting a project to protect the Amazon rainforest in the north-western region of the state of Mato Grosso in Brazil. Deforestation and forest fires are responsible for 20% of greenhouse gas emissions around the world. The project helps reduce deforestation in the Amazon ecosystem and minimises the risk of forest fires across an area of over 71,000 hectares, thus helping to preserve existing forest areas. The local population is also involved, for example in education and training in "sustainable forest management" and the setting up of a local fire brigade.

LaVita aims to use the project to proactively inform its customers, with the packaging including not only the ClimatePartner logo, but also a QR code that can be scanned to find out more about the project. In addition to its functional characteristic, the LaVita packaging therefore also becomes an additional information channel. The first 15,000 cardboard packages are now ready for approval and the project is close to completion. Hagemann is already very satisfied: "This all-round package from Klingele is the perfect response to a growing demand from companies who want to make sustainability reality. At Klingele, this begins right from the development stage for the packaging, which offers both maximum product protection and efficient use of materials. It also includes offers to reduce CO2 footprint using the offsetting model. Just like the development of our glass bottle packaging, Klingele has proven itself to be an expert partner, providing us with outstanding advice whilst taking all aspects of the packaging process into account. We therefore hope this partnership continues for many years to come and look forward to further success stories."

This initiative has attracted a lot of attention, including from our customer LaVita. The company produces a high-quality natural nutrient concentrate, which is sold in individual glass bottles. Each half-litre bottle costs around 50 euros, equivalent to 1-2 euros per daily dose. LaVita is a juice concentrate made from over 70 ingredients, including fruit, vegetables, herbs and premium oils. It is aimed above all at health-concious people who want to enjoy a healthy diet with natural and sustainable products.

The cooperation with LaVita is not new, but it gave us a real highlight in 2015, as we were awarded the World Star Award by the World Packaging Organisation (WPO) in the "drinks" category in March 2015 for the LaVita glass bottles. The requirements for the packaging were extremely complex, demanding both high quality and the strength to reliably protect the fragile contents (the bottle weighs around a kilo) from breaking. It also had to be made from natural materials. "Our customers are buying a premium natural health product", explains Marcus Hagemann, a manager and director of IT at LaVita.

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About LaVita GmbH

At this family-run company in Bavaria, the focus is on one product only – "LaVita". One spoonful a day contains all important vitamins and minerals, as well as a wide range of secondary plant compounds, vitaminoids and enzymes. This is a natural nutrient concentrate made from over 70 ingredients. As well as tasting great, this natural product combines the composition of ingredients with a scientifically proven dosage of vitamins and trace elements. The product's quality and effect have been confirmed in international studies. Gerd Truntschka, former captain of the German national ice hockey team, is the founder and developer of LaVita.