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The 7 Key Issues

Versandhandel und E-Commerce, die wichtigsten Themen

We can also try to gain a good understanding of your requirements thanks to countless packaging solutions for a wide variety of products and industries. Your issues are also our issues.

Verpackungslösungen bei großem Produktmix

1. Wide product mix

You would like to send a variety of products with wide-ranging dimensions and are looking for packaging that can accommodate this. We develop innovative and flexible packaging solutions for precisely these requirements and reduce the amount of packaging to a minimum.

Verpackungsdesign nach Kundenwunsch

2. Packaging design

It shouldn't be possible to identify the type of products contained in the packaging or in stark contrast, the packaging should serve as an advertising medium for your company.  We take account of the the need for anonymity or advertising impact with the design to suit your requirements.

Versandverpackungen mit einfachem Handling

3. Easy handling

Packing and unpacking should be quick and easy, preferably without any filling and fixing material, and therefore environmentally friendly. At the same time, you value the "shopping experience" at home. We develop intelligent single-material packaging that is 100% recyclable for frustration-free packing and unpacking.

Produktschutz beim Versand

4. Product protection

You would like to send high-quality products that should always be securely sealed and in original packaging when they arrive at your customers. We develop packaging that prevents access by third parties as unauthorised access from the outside is evident immediately.

Retouren und Rückversand

5. Return shipping

You decide how simple returns should be for your customers. In addition to the well-known types of closures, we can offer you various solutions that do not even require a self-adhesive strip or adhesive tape for return shipping thanks to an integrated perforation.

Verpackungskosten reduzieren

6. Packaging cost factor

You are considering optimising your packaging, thus reducing your packaging costs. We will review your packaging and processes and optimise your material usage, dimensions or logistics processes – to meet your specific requirements.

Verpackungen aus nachhaltigen Rohstoffen

7. Sustainability

You deal with the issue of environmental protection and the conservation of resources by saving on materials and keeping disposal costs to a minimum. Our corrugated board packaging solutions are exemplary recycling products that are made from renewable resources and can be almost completely recycled after use. We meet internationally recognised standards through our active energy, quality and environmental management and will be happy to advise you.