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Optimierung des Volumennutzungsgrads Ihrer Verpackungen

Good and appropriate packaging creates efficiency and does not just lead to cost savings in logistics processes. Take advantage of our experience to optimise the volume efficiency of your packaging.

The 5 main reasons for oversizing packaging:

  • Flat-rate transport costs per carton regardless of the size and weight
  • Filling material as transport protection
  • Limited range of carton types due to automation
  • Pick-and-pack processes
  • Automatic carton erecting and carton sealing

Rhine-Neckar Newspaper

According to estimates, packages shipped by online businesses are on average only around half full. However, a study found that there were also packages with contents of just 20%, confirms Michael Böhmer from the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics in Dortmund. However in extreme cases, for instance when sending spare parts, the proportion of goods could shrink by around one percent. This means additional costs for the shipper when padding out the packages with filling material that is not ordered. High-quality foam is also used in addition to low-cost variants like crumpled paper – such as when shipping expensive components for industry, states Michael Böhmer. First of all, it is frustrating for the recipient to rummage around for the goods they ordered. "Customers want less packaging material", states the expert.

Excerpt from Rhine-Neckar newspaper from 13.01.2015.

Take a deep breath and contact us. We will advise you on how to optimise your logistics processes in the area of machine technology and show you solutions:

  • Use of variable sized and volume-optimised packaging solutions
  • Use of 100% recyclable single-material packaging to avoid filling material
  • Use of automated packaging solutions with height adjustment of the shipping carton to reduce the volume and shipping costs

An example of a packing process with automated height adjustment:

> Picking of the order into a single-piece carton

> Automatic folding in of the short flaps

> Flaps are automatically adjusted to the height of the contents

> Automatic closing of the shipping carton with hot melt adhesive