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Prize for innovation

Klingele awarded the “Goldene Welle”

15.09.2009 - Innovative can dispenser: all-in-one optimum transport security and presentation

Our development expertise was recognised by presentation of the “Goldene Welle” (Golden Flute), the innovation award presented by the German Association of Corrugated Board Manufacturers (VdW). Our new invention, a can dispenser, took first prize among the 60 entries submitted by renowned corrugated board manufacturers. The VdW invites the submission of entries for the “Goldene Welle” every three years.

In the section “Sales promotion with retail packaging and displays”, our smart packaging for transport and presentation impressed the judges not only because of the optimum transport security it offers, but also the ease of removal of the goods on display at the point of sale. When a unit (can) is removed, the next one automatically slides into position. There is no need for staff to move the goods by hand, and consumer convenience means faster sales.

The can dispenser is designed in such a way that the cans can be shipped upright, but lie on their sides for display and removal by the consumer in the shop. This is an ideal combination of the advantages of upright transport with ease of handling for retailers and consumer-friendly presentation. The packaging solution consists of two chambers joined together with “hinges” on the top and bottom. They can be separated by simply twisting them.

In the words of Dr. Jan Klingele, Managing Partner of the Klingele Group: “The award of the “Goldene Welle” underlines not only our innovative spirit, but also the creativity of our employees.”