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Corrugated box with retention lugs

Greater safety in transit and easier palletisation

18.03.2010 – One of the major criteria for optimum transport packaging is how reliably it protects the product. Another important factor is the ease and efficiency with which the packaging can be handled throughout the logistics chain. The innovative Klingele corrugated box with retention lugs is a top performer in both respects.


Economising on additional anti-slip transport-securing devicesl

This optimised transport packaging is based on an ordinary FEFCO standard corrugated box. However, to ensure that such boxes survive transportation undamaged when stacked on a pallet, additional anti-slip cushions or connectors are required. The new corrugated box with integrated retention lugs at the corners makes additional anti-slip devices a thing of the past. The retention lugs are made without requiring any additional material and represent a further development of the three-dimensional patend stacking lugs. The lugs are self-erecting and need no additional handling. They are formed by means of three diagonal creases at the corners of the top of the box when it is unfolded, and fit into corresponding recesses on the underside of the box above.

“This retention arrangement allows for interlocking stacking on pallets, so that the stacks of boxes are more resistant to horizontal forces and sudden shocks,” explains Siegfried Ernst, Deputy Head of Klingele’s Central Development Laboratory. “That means a significant increase in transport safety.” Existing packaging systems designed to be stacked in columns can also be equipped with these retention lugs.


The Klingele think tank

This new corrugated box came about as a result of our internal Innovation Days. These are an opportunity for our experts from Packaging Development, Sales and – if required – Technology or Marketing to analyse the status quo and current trends within the packaging industry or focus on specific customer requirements. The results of their findings are fed into new packaging solutions and optimisation processes. “This think tank has been the birthplace of a fair number of packaging solutions that were subsequently implemented. It is a way of ensuring that we keep our fingers on the pulse of the market,” explains Dr. Jan Klingele, Managing Partner of the Klingele Group.