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Klingele enters new strategic partnership with Landpack

Market launch of a new sustainable insulated package solution on a straw and corrugated cardboard basis for the trade with cooled foods.

Remshalden/Stuttgart, 28 September 2015 – The Klingele Group, one of the leading independent manufacturers of corrugated raw paper and cardboard packaging has entered a strategic partnership with the mechanical engineering company Landpack. Together they will focus on the production of environmentally-friendly shipping packaging. Recent years have seen the Klingele Group advance to becoming one of the leading providers of sustainable packaging solutions for online trading. In co-operating with Landpack, the producer of innovative straw-based insulation packaging, Klingele has decided to expand into the cooled food items packaging sector. 

Mail order has experienced considerable growth in recent years. Klingele develops packaging solutions for the individual requirements of this branch, which cover the central requirements of product safety and material-use efficiency. In so doing, Klingele supports the business model of the online sellers, enabling them to save resources, thereby minimising costs. Examples of this include the packaging concepts FastFix, which works entirely without filling material and ClickFix, which secures its contents via an especially-effective click closure. Klingele also provides logistics and consultation services for the optimisation of packaging processes, machine concepts and in-house logistics.

The new co-operation with Landpack has been made as a result of the increasing growth in online food purchases. Landpack has developed an insulating packaging made of straw panels, which is combined with Klingele corrugated cardboard to form high-performance and environmentally-friendly dispatch packaging. The Landbox® was specially designed to meet the needs of those dispatching fresh and cooled food and represents the first environmentally-friendly alternative to polystyrene packaging. The use of straw also cushions shock-sensitive goods and enables their safe delivery. 


Landpack Managing director Dr Thomas Maier-Eschenlohr: "Straw represents the ideal insulating material - it is hygienic, attractive and fitted with a hi-tech bio-polymer structure. We aim to find new uses for what is currently a neglected material."


Landbox: the environmentally-friendly recyclable product

Sustainability, resource and energy-efficiency characterise not only the Landbox, but also its production and disposal. The Landpack insulating panels are produced in a carbon-neutral fashion. Pure straw is processed in a low-energy and food items-appropriate fashion without the addition of extra materials. As an agricultural by-product, it is perfectly-suited for use in the Landbox and later can be disposed as compost. The manufacture of the Landbox requires a fraction of the energy required for the production of its polystyrene alternative. The straw panels are encased with a 100% recyclable Klingele corrugated cardboard box. These can be fully recycled and are returned to the production process. The whole packaging concept protects scarce natural resources and saves trouble with disposal.

"We have many years of experience in the development of tailormade sustainable packaging solutions and know the branch requirements very well," thus Dr. Jan Klingele, managing director of the Klingele Group. "The launch of the Landbox comes at the ideal time, therefore is able to meet the growing need from online traders and customers for a new environmentally-friendly packaging method for goods requiring protection from blows and specific temperature requirements. I am therefore confident that the concept will enjoy resonance on the market and anticipate every success for our new collaboration with Landpack." 

The Landbox will be presented at the Klingele stand at this year's FachPack (29.9.-1.10. 2015, Nuremberg, hall 7, stand 138).

For further information, please contact:

Sylvia Huber


T:         + 49 7151 701 278



Landpack press inquiries

Landpack GmbH & Co. KG

Patricia Eschenlohr


T:         +49 89   122 94 616

M:        +49 176 724 42 618


Information about Landpack GmbH & Co. KG


Located in Pucheim, close to Munich, Landpack® develops and markets production systems for the manufacture of innovative straw-based insulating packaging. The Landbox® is the first environmentally-friendly plant-based insulation packaging produced in an entirely climate-neutral fashion and which can be disposed of in the organic waste.  It produces the insulation performance of a polystyrene box. Landpack monitors every process step from cereal cultivation through harvesting, all the way to straw processing in order to guarantee consistent quality.