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Klingele Group supplies climate-neutral packaging

Through cooperation with ClimatePartner, CO2 emissions can be offset by supporting climate-protection projects

Remshalden/Stuttgart, 15 September 2015 – The Klingele Group, one of the leading independent manufacturers of corrugated raw paper and corrugated cardboard packaging, can now supply its packaging climate-neutral. Starting now, customers of this company can offset the CO2 emissions generated by the manufacture of their packaging by supporting climate protection projects. ClimatePartner, the internationally renowned consultant and solutions provider on climate protection issues is supporting Klingele in implementing this policy.

The supply of climate-neutral packaging is based on and is subject to the comprehensive calculation and analysis along the entire process chain of all CO2 emissions created by materials, production, management, logistics and travel. Klingele calculates the greenhouse gas emissions resulting from one actual order up to the delivery to the customer of each individual item of packaging and gives a detailed account of this to the customer ("cradle to customer gate") The customer can offset the CO2 equivalent value of the order by supporting one of the climate protection projects listed in the ClimatePartner portfolio, thus taking delivery of climate-neutral packaging. The deal will apply initially to packaging produced in the corrugated cardboard plant in Hilpoltstein. Klingele is, however, planning to roll out the scheme to further corrugated cardboard plants. The CO2 emission offset process is certified by TÜV-Austria, and the ClimatePartner climate protection projects have been inspected according to international standards. The precise level of CO2 savings is regularly certified. Customers taking part in the program receive a label for their packaging and an individual ID number (CP-ID) together with a certificate. By inputting the CP-ID into each individual contribution to climate protection can be clearly traced.



The project provided by Klingele for its customers encourages the installation of efficient cookers in Mali, West Africa. New furnaces which make use of the chimney effect lead to greater efficiency compared with traditional furnaces and reduce the demand for fuel. This effectively reduces deforestation of the sparse tree population and contributes to the prevention of advancing desertification. The project has Gold Standard approval which was developed for climate protection projects and which has particularly stringent requirements with regard to sustainable development and the involvement of the local populace. Not only does the project make an annual savings of 72,000 tons of CO2 but also results in a reduction in the number of respiratory tract and eye ailments by reducing the amount of harmful smoke produced by the cooking process.


Sustainability strategies rigorously applied

Over recent years, Klingele has been making their own processes more resource- and energy-efficient and checking them constantly with a view to improvement. The company's packaging solutions stand out by virtue of their efficient use of materials which aims for product protection, cost-efficiency and environmental protection. By providing climate-neutral packaging, Klingele helps its customers to implement their own sustainability strategies more consistently. In addition to this, the project is easy for customers to implement without undue red tape and has associated costs of only one per cent of the contract costs.

"A growing number of users are now interested in the eco-balance of their products; they are no longer deceived by the use of sustainability as purely a marketing ploy and are demanding concrete evidence for the implementation of active environmental protection. This is a strong motive for companies to create more transparency and to promote climate protection even more actively", says Dr Jan Klingele, Managing Partner of the Klingele Group. "Our tender supports our customers in this in an uncomplicated yet very effective way: First of all they receive a well-founded database for the analysis and improvement of their CO2 balance sheet based on calculations taken from the tender. The promotion of certified projects makes their contribution to climate protection quantifiable and this in turn gives them a competitive advantage vis-à-vis their own customers."