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Packaging Solution FastFix

Klingele has successfully developed a ground-breaking packaging solution: "FastFix" eliminates the need for packing materials


A system comprising a corrugated box and blank insert with numerous advantageous features customers are thrilled


Remshalden. The narrow focus on customer and market requirements has a long tradition at Klingele Papierwerke GmbH & Co. KG. Against this background, the Remshalden-based company, which is one of the leading manufacturers of container boards and corrugated cardboard packaging, has now successfully achieved a ground-breaking development. It is a system comprising a corrugated box and a special blank used as an insert, finally resolving a well-known industry problem: sensibly fixing goods to be transported in cartons – quickly, conveniently, cost-effectively and environmentally friendly – eliminating the need for additional packing material.


These are the many advantageous features and almost unlimited range of­ possible applications of the cost-effective and private packaging ­insert, which promises huge market potential for the new FastFix development, for which a patent application has already been filed.


FastFix – the name speaks for itself. Users no longer need any packing material (plastic chips, bubble wrap or similar) to adjust the height in order to fix the goods to be transported quickly and efficiently in the carton and to protect them from any transport damage. The initial (trial) mail order customers are thrilled. On the balance sheet, (after using around 30,000 units), they are talking about time savings of up to 30% at the packing table. At the same time, this means a noticeable reduction in costs. Savings on packing material as well as expenditure on transport and storage is of economic relevance.


Ingeniously simple to use


Klingele also scores highly with FastFix in terms of the environment. The system consists of recycled waste paper and therefore represents an environmentally friendly single-material solution. The elimination of packing materials of fossil origin also conserves natural resources. Finally, CO2 emissions are also reduced as conventional packing materials no longer need to be transported.


FastFix is both simple and ingenious. A specially shaped and folded blank with a flexible penetration depth is inserted once the corrugated carton has been filled with the goods to be transported. The geometry of the insert together with the lid flaps generate a stabilising function for the goods to be transported when the carton is closed.


This creates a division inside the carton, which also separates the packaged goods and accompanying paperwork, such as invoices, advertising material, delivery notes, etc. An appropriate search for plastic packing material with its static implications is no longer necessary. The result: this guarantees frustration-free unpacking for the consignee, who also no longer needs to separate the waste and can instead feed the corrugated box and insert back into the recyclable material cycle as waste paper.


We are extremely happy that our colleagues in our box plant in Werne an der Lippe have at last successfully found a solution to the problem with FastFix in conjunction with the use of corrugated cardboard packaging. Industry has been waiting on this for years," reports Christian Hössle. The Head of Development at Klingele has no doubt that the system will gain widespread acceptance. Its many benefits and countless applications speak for themselves. FastFix can be standardised for all popular corrugated box sizes and can also be manufactured individually in every size. In addition, existing corrugated boxes can be retrofitted with the insert," confirms Christian Hössle outlining other perspectives for product development, which are a reference for the innovation potential of his company at the same time.