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Producing F-flute

Klingele extends its production range with F-, FE-, and FB-flutes


16.11.2010 – The Bavarian corrugated cardboard plant of the Klingele Group has now extended its production range with F-flute ("mini-flute") and combinations of F-, E-, and B-flutes. In doing so, the family-owned enterprise is responding to current trends in the packaging industry. Packaging should be environmentally sustainable yet still have something that makes it stand out from the flood of other products that can be found in supermarkets. In this context, high-quality packaging printing can play a decisive role. This is dependent on the packaging material and the right finish. In the corrugated cardboard sector, optimum results can be achieved using F-flute.

The benefits of F-flute
F-flute has a flute height of between 0.6 and 0.9 mm and meets requirements for sustainability and high print quality. The use of the mini-flute makes the packaging more svelte and lighter. This reduces space requirements for logistics, warehouse, and shelving areas. Thanks to smaller volumes, transport costs and logistics paths can be optimized. For example, in comparison with flat packaging with E-flute, if F-flute is used almost twice as much packaging fits into a carrier with the same pallet height.

The low height of the F-flute means that the distances between the troughs and peaks are smaller in the finished corrugated board. This results in a smoother, more homogeneous surface structure on the outer sheet of the corrugated board. The flute remains more stable during printing and the ink is able to penetrate the troughs more effectively. The print quality is far better than for packaging with larger flutes.

F-flute in series production by the start of 2011
"Adding F-flute and combinations of F-flute and other corrugation types to our product range is a strategic step that will provide us with a way to differentiate ourselves from our competitors" explains Stephan Meier, Sales Manager at Hilpoltstein. "The first test runs with F-, FE-, and FB-flutes will take place in December. We will then go into series production at the start of 2011." Dr. Jan Klingele, Managing Partner of the Klingele Group, adds the following: "We will successively adapt the product ranges at the rest of our German corrugated cardboard plants, thus aiming for even more long-term success within the sector with the mini-flute, thanks to improved print quality and sustainability."