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Klingele Papierwerke is investing in the extension of its logistics centre in Werne

Logistics now consolidated at a central location – eliminating lorry transport to external warehouses.

Werne / Stuttgart 26th, 2018 - The Klingele Group, one of the leading independent manufacturers of corrugated base paper and packaging, is planning to extend the logistics centre at its Werne site. Construction can begin shortly following approval of the planning application; the inauguration is planned for the end of 2018. The new warehouse covers an area of 15,000 m2. Together with the existing storage areas, the logistics centre will provide space for approx. 20,000 pallets in the future. In addition, five new jobs will be created. The dynamic business development at Klingele and customers’ high demands with regard to fast and error-free deliveries made it necessary to invest in extended logistics capacities. The existing warehouse with an area of approx. 13,000 m2 was no longer adequate and will be used partly as a production area in the future. Klingele will present the extension of the logistics centre in detail to residents and interested parties on its open day, 23 June 2018.  


Faster deliveries – error rate drastically reduced  

The new finished goods warehouse will be equipped with RFID technology: this enables accurate warehouse management by bay location, offers excellent stock reliability in conjunction with warehouse management software and reduces the internal logistics error rate to almost zero. The advantage for Klingele: goods in the warehouse can be found quickly, incorrect shipments are avoided and lorries can be loaded in less than 30 minutes. This means that Klingele can supply its customers much faster and significantly increase its handling of goods in the warehouse. Klingele has successfully implemented the same logistics concept at its Delmenhorst site.


Closure of external warehouses – eliminating shuttle transport by lorry

 However, it is not just customers and employees of the company who benefit from Klingele's investment in state-of-the-art logistics: it also enables Klingele to close its existing external warehouses in the district of Unna and consolidate its logistics to one location. Klingele needed these external warehouses up until now to fulfil the rising order volume and customers’ high demands with regard to product diversity, delivery punctuality and ever faster goods handling. However, this was an expensive and process-intensive form of logistics; the concentration of logistics at one location therefore considerably relieves the strain on the budget and reduces handling costs at Klingele. But there are also significant improvements for the residents: the noise pollution and CO2 emissions are significantly reduced as the regular shuttle transport by lorry between external warehouses and the Klingele plant are now eliminated. “The technological possibilities available today facilitated our decision to opt for a bulk storage warehouse,” explains Ekkehard Dürr, Managing Director of Corrugated Western Europe. ”A bulk storage warehouse gives us flexibility for the storage of different packaging and pallet sizes as well as the greatest possible guarantee of error-free deliveries in conjunction with RFID technology.” As a family-owned company that is aware of its responsibilities towards its surroundings, Klingele also places considerable importance on good relations with its neighbours. “The construction of a bulk storage warehouse also represents a good decision in this respect," adds Dürr. “The consolidation of our logistics capacities at one location also reduces pollution caused by noise and CO2 emissions.” “Just-in-time deliveries are commonplace nowadays and more and more of our customers are transferring the responsibility for the storage of packaging to us,” states Dr. Jan Klingele, Managing Partner. "In addition to the high product quality, competent advice and creativity in the development of packaging, efficient logistics is therefore becoming a key success factor for our company. "For this, we are making targeted investments in a logistics concept that guarantees our customers maximum reliability and speed on the one hand and optimum flexibility on the other.” Klingele will present full details on the extended logistics centre to residents and other interested parties on its open day, 23 June 2018. The 50th anniversary of the Klingele plant in Werne is the occasion for the event.


For further information, please contact

Ekkehard Dürr
T: + 49 2389 7973 56

Sylvia Huber
Public Relations
T: + 49 7151 701 278